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Revolutionizing solar heat production – Suncom in Trouw (NL)

Following Suncom’s inaugural press release in early October, there has been a surge of attention from prominent news outlets, demonstrating a heightened intrigue in our innovative technological endeavors.

Harnessing Solar Heat: From Deserts to Brabant Farms

On December 27,  esteemed publication Trouw dedicated a feature story to Suncom. The headline, “Harnessing Solar Heat: From Deserts to Brabant Farms,” encapsulates the essence of our mission – bridging geographical boundaries to revolutionize energy extraction.

In this editorial, Trouw eloquently delves into the transformative power of Suncom’s breakthrough. The narrative emphasizes how what we achieve in desert environments can seamlessly transition to creating a new era of agricultural productivity in Brabant. The fusion of solar thermal energy and agricultural advancement paints a picture of innovation that transcends limitations.

To explore the full story, follow the link below. Embark on a voyage into the realm of limitless possibilities as we redefine the way energy is harnessed and distributed.

Suncom’s breakthrough addresses the energy needs of sectors that rely on heat-intensive processes, offering a solution for larger companies struggling to transition from fossil fuels using only heat pumps.