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Suncom Energy adapts concentrated heat for small-scale use – Solar Magazine (NL)

Proudly we announce to have achieved a significant breakthrough by making concentrated solar heat technology suitable for smaller-scale applications, raising €2 million in growth capital for their endeavors. The are now now poised to begin production of our first installations. This received media attention from Solar Magazine. 

Pioneering small-scale solar heat

Suncom Energy’s innovative achievements in concentrated solar heat have been acknowledged by Solar Magazine, marking a significant step forward in the realm of sustainable energy. The coverage focuses on our success in making concentrated solar heat technology suitable for smaller-scale usage. This advancement involves a specialized receiver positioned at the focal point of mirrors, efficiently heating fluids using concentrated sunlight to reach temperatures of up to 500 degrees Celsius. Our technology employs parabolic mirrors to achieve the heat required for various applications, surpassing traditional solar cells in direct electricity generation efficiency.

The coverage highlights Suncom Energy’s inception in 2019 and the support we’ve received from investors, enabling us to elevate our technology to commercial levels. The article also notes our recent receipt of two patents and a successful demonstration of our technology in Spain. The international interest sparked by this recognition demonstrates the potential of our innovation in various sectors and countries, emphasizing our commitment to reshaping the landscape of sustainable energy.

Suncom Energy expresses gratitude for Solar Magazine’s acknowledgment and remains dedicated to advancing our mission of making sustainable energy accessible on a smaller scale. Through continued innovation, we aim to redefine the possibilities within the solar energy domain.