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Suncom Energy B.V. is a highly innovative company headquartered in the Netherlands, with a second department located in Spain. Founded by CEO Henk Arntz in 2019, a growing team of skilled experts are led by managers Henk Arntz, Wout Gubbels, Joost Korver, and Jules van Ravenstein. Their mission is to decarbonize the world’s energy supply by scaling down Concentrated Solar Power (CSP), making it both economically and technologically efficient. So that renewable energy production and storage becomes decentralized, democratized, and competitive to fossil fuels.

Benjamin Vollebregt

Development Engineer

Dennis Kok

Data Engineer

Diego Ruiz Rodríguez

Electronics & Instrumentation Engineer

Henk Arntz

Founder & Director

Joost Korver

General Director Iberia region

Jules van Ravenstein

Operational Director

Mark Willemsz

Energy Storage Engineer

Jacco van Duin

Process Engineer

Mathijs Vermeij

Prototype Engineer

Paula Franco

Financial Administrator 
and Office Manager

Pim Gort

Development Engineer

Sarah Mann

Commercial Associate 
and Office Manager

Stan Uijttewaal

Solar Field Lead Engineer

Wout Gubbels

Technical Director

Marwan Abdelraouf

Solar Field Intern 

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At Suncom Energy B.V., we believe in the power of collaboration and innovation. If you share our passion for sustainable energy and want to be part of our skilled team, we invite you to send an application with your CV to Join us in our mission to revolutionize the renewable energy sector and make a positive impact on the world. We look forward to welcoming talented individuals at all stages of their careers who are eager to contribute to our vision of a greener future.