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Who we are

Our story

Suncom Energy was founded in late 2019 by CEO Henk Arntz with the aim of providing 24/7 clean heat and electricity. In 2020, Henk developed the initial prototype receiver setup, achieving a notable temperature of 550 °C. Moving into 2021, Henk and Wout Gubbels successfully introduced the first fully operational prototype, utilizing molten salt and capable of generating temperatures of up to 300 °C. In the year 2022 the next generation prototype was demonstrated at Spain’s leading CSP institute Plataforma Solar de Almeria. In 2023, the pre-production setup was constructed and tested in Houten, ensuring flawless functionality for future mass production. As we approach the latter part of 2023, Suncom’s dedicated team of over 10 exceptionally skilled engineers and suppliers is preparing to realize our first client project.


The future is solar-powered

Innovative solutions

What we do

Suncom Energy provides 24/7 clean heat to companies using their compact Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) solution. CSP uses the same principle as making a bonfire with a magnifying glass. This innovative solution efficiently captures and stores solar energy at high temperatures, reaching up to 425 °C. Our aim is to assist companies – large and small – in tackling their challenge of reducing carbon emissions and decentralizing their energy supply. Thanks to its adaptable and modular design, our solution can be customized to match each customer’s energy requirements, presenting a highly appealing business proposition.

Why choose us?


  • Rapid payback period
  • Price stability
  • Customizability to match customers’ energy needs
  • Industrial heat generation up to 425 °C
  • Granting control over self-generation and storage of heat
  • Sustainability and recyclability
  • Hassle-free maintenance

Our services

Suncom offers comprehensive turnkey solutions tailored to our customers’ requirements. In collaboration with our clients, we design the ideal system and configuration that perfectly aligns with their needs.

  • Turnkey energy solutions:
    • Engineering: Expert engineering for solutions aligned with your needs
    • Supply: Sourcing high-quality components for system reliability
    • Installation & commissioning: Seamless setup and efficient operation
  • Service & spare parts
    • Ongoing support for sustained performance
    • Accessible spare parts to minimize downtime
Contact Us

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Interested to find out how we can help you reduce operational costs and your carbon footprint? Please fill out the form, and we will get back to you to setup a tailored quote and next steps.

Zeilschip 18, 3991 CT Houten