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Suncom CEO Henk Arntz: Advancing sustainable energy innovations (NL)

Suncom Energy proudly highlights our CEO Henk Arntz’s achievements in the sustainable energy sector, as featured in recent coverage. The article emphasizes our breakthroughs in concentrated solar heat technology and Arntz’s commitment to transforming energy practices.

Driving sustainable innovation: Henk Arntz’s vision for Suncom Energy

Suncom Energy’s CEO Henk Arntz takes the spotlight in a recent feature, recognizing his contributions to sustainable energy innovation. The coverage applauds Arntz’s dual victory at the Industry Innovators Award 2022 and his participation in the Dragon’s Den of Transition. As a Mechanical Engineering alumnus, Arntz is steering Suncom Energy’s impact in concentrated solar heat technology and its applications in various sectors.

Central to Suncom Energy’s progress are compact parabolic mirrors, a departure from the conventional large-scale mirrors. These mirrors have been ingeniously tailored to fit within containers, a distinctive approach that aligns with Arntz’s vision of making concentrated solar-thermal energy storage a reality in the Netherlands. This innovation aims to provide sustainable heat to sectors such as bakeries, greenhouses, and saunas around the clock.

Arntz’s visionary spirit drives Suncom Energy’s growth, marked by two acquired patents, innovation awards, and increased visibility. The startup’s momentum continues with a new office space in Houten, fostering collaborative innovation. Arntz’s unwavering commitment is poised to materialize in the form of a demo installation within the upcoming year, a significant step in commercializing their breakthrough technology.

The core of Suncom Energy’s innovation lies in the capacity of compact parabolic mirrors to heat fluids to high temperatures, a feat enabled by square channels in the receiver. This innovation holds potential for district heating, greenhouses, and heat-to-electricity conversion. Arntz’s dedication is further underscored by the Industry Innovators Award win, aligning perfectly with Suncom’s transition towards industrial applications.

Arntz’s journey, from student to entrepreneur with Snowcuber, culminates in Suncom Energy—a venture that resonates with his passion for sustainability. The shift from “less snow and more sun” has become a guiding principle for Arntz, who aims to bridge innovation and sustainable practices through Suncom Energy. The article emphasizes his commitment to pursuing what one loves and believes in, contributing to a greener future through innovation and dedication.

My mother recently handed me a personality test that I took in the fourth grade of high school. ‘Enjoys building physical things, engages with nature, realist, and entrepreneur.’ So, the entrepreneurial spirit was already present in me at a young age. After Snocom, I briefly worked in consultancy to broaden my perspective, but I still prefer being my own boss.