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Suncom Energy – Duurzaam Ondernemen (NL)

QWe are delighted to share a feature about Suncom Energy on Dutch entrepreneurial platform ‘Duurzaam Ondernemen’. This recognition highlights our commitment to revolutionizing the energy landscape through pioneering solar technology.

Pioneering Solar Efficiency on a Smaller Scale

The article celebrates Suncom’s breakthrough in making Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) technology, which boasts three times the efficiency of traditional solar cells, accessible for smaller-scale applications. Our parabolic mirrors, measuring just two meters wide, enable the same high temperatures needed for a wide range of heat applications and electricity generation. This development to smaller installations significantly reduces financial burdens, expanding the viability of CSP across diverse markets.

The combination of this highly efficient method of producing solar energy with knowledge of energy trading and the weather can make a significant contribution to reducing fossil fuel consumption. Northpool therefore sees the investment in Suncom as an ideal step towards a greener future.

Read the full feature on ‘Duurzaam Ondernemen’ to delve into how Suncom’s innovative technology taps into the power of the sun to offer affordable and sustainable heat and electricity solutions. Join us in driving the future of renewable energy.