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ISPT Conference 2022 recap

A significant milestone marked Tuesday, November 8th, as Suncom proudly joined the ranks of distinguished attendees at the annual ISPT (Institute for Sustainable Process Technology) conference in Amersfoort. The event proved to be a dynamic forum, fostering insightful dialogues and vibrant debates concerning sustainable technological solutions that hold the potential to reshape industries for the better.

Spotlight moment: finalist at Industry Innovators Award

Amidst this gathering of innovation enthusiasts, Suncom was selected as one of the finalists for a coveted distinction – the Industry Innovators Award. Alongside fellow startups Alucha Works and Energy21, Suncom showcased its pioneering vision to a discerning panel. The highlight of the event was Suncom’s pitch, presented with eloquence by our esteemed founder and CEO, Henk Arntz. The outcome was resounding success, as both the distinguished jury and the enthusiastic audience acknowledged the merit of Suncom’s transformative technology.

This remarkable achievement not only reflects Suncom’s commitment to sustainable progress but also underscores the potential of our innovative approach in revolutionizing energy dynamics. Our deep gratitude goes to ISPT for facilitating this momentous platform. We extend our sincere appreciation to the jury and the attendees for embracing Suncom’s vision and propelling it to new heights. As we conclude this chapter, we eagerly anticipate the prospects of participating in the ISPT Conference in the upcoming year, further propelling the momentum of sustainable innovation.