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Suncom Energy featured in Dutch newspaper ‘de Volkskrant’

Suncom Energy was featured in the Dutch newspaper Volkskrant this month, following a visit from journalist and Energy Field Specialist Bard van de Weijer to the Houten headquarters. The article highlights Henk Arntz’s remarkable journey and business transformation after inventing a significantly smaller Concentrated Solar Power technology.

‘Not more, but better’

The smaller scale technology, in both size and cost, positions Arntz’s SunArcs as a strong contender against fossil fuels and traditional CSP technologies currently used in regions like Morocco, California, Nevada, and South Africa.


During Weijer’s visit to Suncom, Arntz introduced the small yet mighty technology, which is gaining increasing interest from forward-thinking companies. The unconventional system discreetly stands behind our office, proving its efficiency even on partially cloudy days, like the one during Weijer’s visit, where temperatures of up to 70 °C were achieved as square tubes absorb the sunlight, heating the water inside. On sunnier days or in warmer regions such as Spain, where Suncom also has a presence, the system can generate scorching heat of up to 500 °C. This heat can be stored and used for heating of all types of industrial processes or customers.


To learn more about how Suncom’s small yet powerful technology is revolutionizing the energy sector, check out the Volkskrant article here, and join us on our exciting journey.

Heat is much easier to store than electricity.