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Suncom technology

Advanced energy solution

Our high-tech innovations harness the power of sunlight, transforming it into thermal energy or electricity with remarkable efficiency. From parabolic reflectors capturing sunlight to receiver tubes elevating temperatures, our process ensures optimal energy utilization.

Sunlight is captured by parabolic reflectors, which concentrate it onto receiver tubes using the same principle as creating fire with a magnifying glass. These tubes heat up water or an alternative Heat Transfer Fluid (HTF) to temperatures of either 100 °C (for water) or 425 °C as they pass through. The resulting heated HTF is stored in a Thermal Energy Storage, functioning as the system’s battery. This stored heat can be utilized for thermal energy or converted to electricity on demand, overcoming the intermittency challenge of renewable sources.

To convert heat into electricity, the hot HTF is directed through a boiler, transforming liquid water into steam. This steam propels a steam turbine, which drives a generator to produce electricity. This conversion process mirrors that of coal power plants, but employing proven technologies, but with zero emission solar energy instead of coal. By combining these established methods with the sun’s limitless power, our system can potentially slash you energy bill by up to 70% while operating on fully renewable energy.

Suncom technology


SunFleet H100-series

The SunFleet H100-series is Suncom’s low temperature (under 100 °C) solution. This water-based system includes a modular field of SunArcs, which can be sized towards the user’s energy demand, and a SunTES 100, our water-based Thermal Energy Storage. The system can setup directly coupled to the user’s process, or indirectly through a heat exchanger if specific health and safety standards must be met. Optionally a heat pump can be added for winter.

SunFleet H425-series​

The SunFleet H425-series is Suncom’s high temperature version of the SunFleet H100-series. Due to the high-performance Heat Transfer Fluid it can deliver temperatures up to 425 °C. The H425-series includes a SunTES 425, our Thermal Enery Storage for high temperatures, covering the temperature demands for a wide range of industries.

SunFleet P-series

The last product in Suncom’s portfolio is the Suncom P-Series. This SunFleet consist of a SunFleet H425-series but has a steam turbine loop coupled to it, adding the option to deliver electrical energy as well. This solution is perfect for customers requiring 24/7 electricity and heat.