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Suncom Energy – Duurzaam Ondernemen (NL)

QWe are delighted to share a feature about Suncom Energy on Dutch entrepreneurial platform 'Duurzaam Ondernemen'. This recognition highlights our commitment to revolutionizing the energy landscape through pioneering solar technology. Pioneering Solar Efficiency on a Smaller Scale The article celebrates Suncom's breakthrough in making Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) technology, which boasts three times the efficiency…

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Suncom Energy’s milestone: launching first concentrated solar power plant – Solar Magazine (NL)

We are pleased to announce a major achievement in the realm of sustainable energy—an operational concentrated solar power (CSP) plant. Following extensive research, testing, and validation, Suncom is ready to introduce its concentrating solar collector systems to the market. This new approach includes advancements in parabolic trough technology, enhancing heat generation capabilities while optimizing space…

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Suncom CEO Henk Arntz: Advancing sustainable energy innovations (NL)

Suncom Energy proudly highlights our CEO Henk Arntz's achievements in the sustainable energy sector, as featured in recent coverage. The article emphasizes our breakthroughs in concentrated solar heat technology and Arntz's commitment to transforming energy practices. Driving sustainable innovation: Henk Arntz's vision for Suncom Energy Suncom Energy's CEO Henk Arntz takes the spotlight…

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Suncom Energy adapts concentrated heat for small-scale use – Solar Magazine (NL)

Proudly we announce to have achieved a significant breakthrough by making concentrated solar heat technology suitable for smaller-scale applications, raising €2 million in growth capital for their endeavors. The are now now poised to begin production of our first installations. This received media attention from Solar Magazine.  Pioneering small-scale solar heat Suncom Energy's…

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ISPT Conference 2022 recap

A significant milestone marked Tuesday, November 8th, as Suncom proudly joined the ranks of distinguished attendees at the annual ISPT (Institute for Sustainable Process Technology) conference in Amersfoort. The event proved to be a dynamic forum, fostering insightful dialogues and vibrant debates concerning sustainable technological solutions that hold the potential to reshape industries for the…

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