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Development Engineer

Summary As a Development Engineer at Suncom, you will play a crucial role in improving the efficiency and performance of our Solar Field, including reflectors, receivers, and Thermal Energy Storage (TES) systems. By maximizing the concentration of solar heat and optimizing storage, you will directly contribute to the transition to time-independent and affordable renewable energy.…

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EC&I Engineer

Summary As an E,C&I Engineer at Suncom, your main responsibility is the integration of the entire plant from an Electrical and Instrumentation view. You will make sure that all components and instrumentation work together flawlessly by designing the E,C&I architecture that controls the Solar Field (SF) – comprising of reflectors and receivers –, the Thermal…

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Process Engineer

Summary As a Process Engineer at Suncom, your main responsibility is the design, integration and commissioning of plants for customers. You will do this by integrating multiple components, e.g., the connection of the solar field – comprising reflectors and receivers – with the Thermal Energy Storage (TES) and the Power Block, as well as taking…

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